West Point Animal Clinic is a full-service clinic and hospital for animals, and we are pleased to have an on-site pharmacy for its clients. By carrying medicines in our hospital, your pet will have instant access to their drugs rather than waiting for them to be delivered or filled by a third party. The prices on our products are compared to online pharmacies and big box stores, and are typically the same or even less, without hidden shipping charges. Having the medicines on site also means West Point Animal Clinic works directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers and their representatives to ensure products issues unforeseen complications with medications are addressed quickly and accurately. These guarantees are not generally offered by online pharmacies. Our store also keeps hypoallergenic foods, shampoos, skin creams, flea-and-tick preventatives and heartworm preventatives on hand.

You always want the safest and efficacious products for your constant companion, and West Point Animal Clinic helps make sure you have them. Please call a member of our staff for your veterinary pharmaceutical needs at 662-494-2064.