Hospice & Euthanasia

Unfortunately, our time with our constant pet companions is limited, regardless of how well we care for them. Our doctors and their staff will be there for the life of your pet, and they will be there when the time comes to say goodbye as well.

The veterinarians will examine your pet, conduct blood work, and shoot x-rays as necessary to determine if your furry family still has a quality of life left. They can continue to monitor and administer pain preventatives, and medication as needed under the hospice care portion of the services provided at West Point Animal Clinic.

When it is determined that a pet is suffering or has no quality of life left, the doctors have hand-chosen medications which are painless and cause them to drift off into a peaceful and permanent sleep. Both you and your precious pet will be treated with the utmost compassion and care during this time.

If you feel that your pet is nearing the end of their time with you, contact the caring professionals at West Point Animal Clinic for an examination.