West Point Animal Clinic is pleased to provide a cutting-edge solution for pets suffering from allergies in the West Point, Starkville, Columbus, and Aberdeen areas of Mississippi area, known as immunotherapy. Our hospital is excited to offer this treatment for those animals who suffer from moderate to severe allergies that cause discomfort and pain to the pet. If you notice that your pet constantly bites itself, scratches and whimpers while scratching, contact our hospital to set up an appointment to see if immunotherapy may be right for your pet. There are numerous causes of allergies in our pets, including flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies, atopic dermatitis and environmental allergies. Our doctors are experienced in treating each of these issues, and she will bring this same level of compassion and care for your pet.

Immunotherapy is a treatment program where your pet is injected with small doses of the allergen causing issues, and over time is administered in larger doses to limit the effect of allergen on the pet. This advanced process can cause immune system of the pet to limit their response to an allergen.

Each of our veterinarians travels around the country each year to attend lectures and classes to ensure West Point Animal Clinic offers the safest and most efficient solutions for your pet, and immunotherapy is no exception. If your pet suffers from allergies, call the clinic today to make an appointment.