Pain Management

Pain in animals can be difficult for pet owners to see because animals have a natural instinct to hide pain due to the prey-predator instinct they all carry from their ancestors. Some symptoms of pain to keep an eye on include: loss of appetite, whining, lethargic behaviors, limping or favoring one leg, and in some cases unusual aggression. Fortunately, West Point Animal Clinic has experienced veterinarians who understand the signs and symptoms of pain.

Pain is usually classified in two ways: acute and chronic. Acute pain is generally due to trauma, surgery or sudden illness. Our veterinarians at West Point Animal Clinic treat severe pain with oral, injectable and topical pain relievers. Rehabilitation may also be used to treat pain in your pet. Chronic pain is due to long-term illness, joint degeneration, arthritis, and old injuries that did not heal properly. Chronic pain can be treated with corticosteroids, rehabilitation and sometimes immunotherapy.

Our experienced veterinarians have hand-select each product and medication available at West Point Animal Clinic based upon their safety and efficacy. You can rest assured that your pet will have their pain alleviated and be cared for just as we would care for our pets.